Afternoon Workshops At Three Counties Farming Conference

Join us from 14.15 on the main stage to hear from top UK organisations on rural affairs. 

14.15 Barry Mann, Rural Payments Agency

  • Update on Basic Payment Scheme and Future Developments

14.40 William Cracroft-Eley,  Founder & Chairman of Terravesta

  • Miscanthus – A sustainable solution to our environmental needs

15.15 Adam West, DEFRA

  • New tagging regulations explained – using livestock information to drive positive change across the British meat and livestock sector

15.40 Katie Hall, National Chairman of Young Farmers

  • Yellow Welly Farm Safety Campaign

Katie Hall

Katie Hall is The Chairman of Council for The National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs for 2019-20.

As Chairman, Katie leads the Council's 63 elected members, associate members and co-options from across England and Wales who represent the views of the wider membership when shaping the programme of work at NFYFC. Katie has been a member of Gloucestershire Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs for more than 12 years, holding positions of responsibility at club and county levels before taking on the national role.

Outside of her YFC work, Katie is a calf nutritionist and Regional Sales Representative for Bonanza Calf Nutrition.  


16.15 Nuffield Scholar Presentations

  • Nuffield Scholar Presentations by Jonathan Gill and James Smaldon start at 16.15

Jonathan Gill 

Jonathan Gill is a qualified robotic engineer specialising in mechatronic systems starting out in the offshore industry supervising the ROV team in harsh underwater environments.

Now working at Harper Adams University as a researcher his focus is aerial drone systems and their role within agriculture with operation, design, programming and spraying operations.

The ‘Hands-Free Hectare’ which has been his boldest attempted fusing automation, agronomy and agriculture together operating drones and drone technology to achieve a world’s first.

Now the Hectare has grown into Thirty-Five Ha, ‘The Hands-Free Farm’ another world’s first and aiming to be a fully robotic arable farm.

The presentation will be based on the Hands-Free Hectare / Farm and drone technology to be used in the future of agriculture.

James Smaldon

This project investigates the various technological advances (automation and precision, primarily) being developed and trialled around the world for poultry. The aim is to understand how British poultry farming will change over the coming decades and to provide strategies to ensure that the increase in technology does not result in a detriment to bird welfare.

Bird welfare can pay dividends for farm production performance; "animal welfare can become the welcome partner rather than the opponent of efficient farming". However, the implementation of technology solely for the sake of technology may not be beneficial to the animal or for the industry’s wider perception to the end consumer.